Devotion on Love

By June 16, 2016 Devotion, HFSM Blog


I once heard someone describe love as “Love is a thing i can’t explain, it jumps from the heart and tickles the brain.”

A guy was so in love with this girl (not me), that he told her he would give her his heart and work off batteries.
Watching a love movie can bring a hardened heart to tears – Love has the ability to change people and transform lives.

Love is very powerful and in Galations 5:22, it’s the first fruit listed – this is not a coincidence. Love should be the driving force behind everything we do. It is the number one quality that we must possess as christians.It’ a universal language and we should speak it through our lives and actions.

Nothing will touch other people more deeply than having the love of God shining through you and your life. Love is defined in the dictionary and some commentaries as:
(1) unselfish, benevolent concern for another; brotherly concern; the object of brotherly concern or affection.
(2) to love, to have affection for someone; to be a friend; the love of brothers for each other.
(3) unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the well being of another

The Apostle Paul says in 1Corinthians 13:4 that love suffers long and is king; love does not envy……..’
Understand that the quality of love operating in our lives is the only common thread that will bind all of us together with God and one another. Love brings unity and unity strenghtens. Let’s seek to express our love to God even more this year and extend his love to others in a greater way.

Complete the verse below and read the additonal scriptures on love.

There is no —– in love; but perfect ————— casts out fear ……..

James 1;22, 1John 3:17, Romans 13:10, Proverbs 17:17, 1John 4:8, 1cor 13:4

List 2 ways you can demonstrate God’s love through HFS Ministries.

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